PP Note


PP Note helps you better manage your notes.


  1. Collect from other apps.
    • You can collect information from other apps(like Safari, Chrome, etc) to PP Note through Share button.
    • When it's a web page, the note will be automatically categorized by URL.
  2. Create note in PP Note.
    • You can manually create note either in category or in sub category.
      If there is no category yet. Please create one.
  3. Favorite a Note
    • You can favorite a note from context menu.
    • Favorite notes always show on the top. Easier for you to View.
    • You can view all the favorite notes in [Notes] tab.
  4. Hide a Note
    • You can hide a note from context menu.
    • Hidden notes are not shown by default. You can view them by tapping the [Show hidden notes] button.
    • You can view all the hidden notes in [More] tab.
  5. Quick Action in Context Menu
    • Quickly move note to other category/sub category.
    • Quickly add or remove tag for a note.
    • More actions.
  6. Organize Notes
    • Use category, sub category and tag to organize notes better.

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