I believe there are always some people in this world who want to add grids to images, just like me. That's why I developed Grid#. Hope it helps.


  1. Add grid on image.
  2. There are 5 types of grids you can choose:
    • Rectangle(Set rows & cols)
    • Square(Set rows only)
    • Square(Set cols only)
    • Rectangle(Set row height & col width)
    • Square(Set row height only)[pro feature]
  3. The lines can be colourful. Use whatever RGB color you like. You can change lines' transparency.
  4. You can change line width (from 1 to 20).
  5. You can add multiple grids(at most 3) on the image.
    [grid 3 is pro feature]
  6. You can pick colors from image.
  7. There are 2 modes:
    • Fixed Grid: Grid cannot be moved nor be rotated.
    • Movable Grid[pro feature]: Grid can be move, or be rotated (Move two fingers around each other to rotate the grid)

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