PP Weather


PP Weather is an intuitive weather forecast & rain notification app. It can help you easily check rainy weather.


  1. Rain Notification:
    • Set a time, and you will get notification when there will be rain.
  2. Concise Weather Forecast:
    • Current weather.
    • Daily weather forecast for 16 days.
    • 3-hourly weather forecast for 5 days.
  3. Intuitive Timeline:
    • Easily check the time of sunrise, sunset and now.
    • Quickly check today's 3-hourly forecast.
  4. Easily check rainy weather:
    • You can highlight rainy weather.
    • You can hide clear weather.
  5. Support for cities all over the world:
    • Provide weather data for more than 70,000 cities all over the world.
    • Provide weather data for more than 11,000 cities in USA.
  6. Themes:
    • There are 4 color themes: Sky, Forest, Peach, and Violet.
    • Day & Night theme. (Changed based on sunrise & sunset time)

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